Situational dreams

Situational dreams carries a deeper message given by the subconscious mind which are meant for your growth either in work or in a relationship.

Every dream theme can be broadly categorized into a situational dream. Dreams as we know always carry a deeper message, a warning or a solution to situations related in your awake life. Consider you are flying your dream, it may definitely imply that you are happy about the situations in your awake life. However, it may also mean that there is some block to achieve that happiness and how to unblock is what your situational dream is conveying. For example let’s consider you are waiting on a promotion at work which has not occurred for sometime and the reasons are laid in front of you. But if you dream that you are flying, then you have to analyse carefully the dream that might be imparting a crucial knowledge on how to pull off the same.

Another example is, you may dream that your partner is cheating on you or is planning to betray you, but in reality the dream may mean that you need to approach your partner delicately about the matter that concerns you and your partner. Analyse the dream carefully it may be revealing the ways on how you can save your relationship with your partner.

Thus, dreams become situationally related to incidents in your awake life. The purpose of any of the dreams is simple, to show the path or present ways on how to solve the crises in your real life. Your subconscious mind is not dormant but highly qualified in helping you live your life in a very effective way.