Prophetic dreams

Prophetic dreams contain spiritual messages about your future. These dreams help you prepare you to face your future or alert you about possible pitfalls.

Prophetic dreams always bring in messages pertaining to the future. Dreams depicting the future have helped in many ways for many ages, like solving crimes, predicting wars, natural calamities, birth of a family member or death of someone etc. This is quite mysterious and intriguing, how your subconscious mind can show the visuals of incidents that are going to take place in the future. Therefore, when you dream about some incidents that are placed in the future, it’s a good practice to at least not ignore it and try to analyze how it may be related to your reality. The dream could be quite helpful in preparing you or someone related to you for an incident in the future.

Sometimes prophetic dreams can be broken into a puzzle and appear that way in the dream but when you try to remember the dream exactly as you saw it then you can join the pieces to understand the real meaning of it. You need not be scared of dreams of the future if the dream has some negative or unexpected meaning like death of someone or yourself or loss in business etc. However, consider it as a sign that would guide you or prepare you to face the situation in reality. Many a times you might have heard of people saying that they saw dreams of the birth of a boy or a girl in their dream or they saw a dream of war or of a natural calamity and many other such occasions. Most of them or all of them can be true and may take place in reality. That does not make someone a prophet or a saint, as these matters are very sensitive and you need to be discreet when you share your dream with others. Also, you should not be disappointed if you haven’t seen any prophetic dream as such.

Prophetic dreams can be experienced when you are spiritually aligned, these dreams occur when you are aware of yourself and your thoughts and how you conduct yourself in the real world. Then your subconscious mind has a clear ground to give a peek into the future and help in preparing you. If you think that your dream is prophetic and you cannot understand it, then seeking help from a professional can reveal the meaning of your dream.

Dreams manifest your thoughts and incidents occurring in your awake life. When you are in a peaceful state and lead a spiritually aligned life then the same will be reflected in your dreams. Prophetic dreams come under the broad classification of Spiritual dreams. How can you confirm whether your dream is prophetic or not, is only when the dream comes true.