Importance of maintaining a dream journal and how it can help in analyzing your dreams

By | June 6, 2022

Imagine that you woke up in a grumpy mood. You cannot pinpoint the cause, but something lurks behind the curtains of your consciousness. You feel it but it eludes you as soon as you try to raise it to the surface. You and everyone who knows you, understand that this is not your real self. You are happy-go-lucky, always willing to help, full of laughter and pleasant to be around. They take your one-off grumpy mood in a stride and try to cheer you up.

You go through the day trying to fight this grumpiness but cannot shake it off. You feel sorry and apologize a couple of times when you snap at someone. By the time you reach back home, you have interacted with numerous people and perhaps many of them have met you or seen you for the first time. They form an impression about you with this one interaction.

How you wish that they do not judge you by just one interaction and see the real you over an extended period of time!

The same is true for our dreams. Through our dreams, our subconscious is trying to tell a story by symbolism, situations and characters; more so, if the dreams are recurring. Folks who are serious about unlocking their creativity and put the power of dreams to their advantage always keep a dream journal. Many-a-times, professional dreams analysts insist on a dream journal to help them unravel the true message behind your dreams.

Dreams tell a story about yourself, but they take their sweet time and create it as a puzzle that you have to solve. Journaling your dreams helps you see the plot and understand the story in a holistic way.

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