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Spiritual dreams mostly imply that you are a religious person and often resort to worship and prayer and believe in the supreme power called God. Such dreams usually mean that you are at a content stage if life where you become an observer and not as someone who interferes with the supreme plan of the universe. Religion and… Read More »

Being Naked

Dreaming of being naked or nudity means that you feel vulnerable in your real life or that you are not able to express yourself freely. Some interpretations of this theme also highlight the prejudices you carry. Being or appearing naked, in public or unexpected places, is a common theme in dreams. Interestingly, this theme occurs in very similar… Read More »

Failing Exams

Dreaming of exams usually depicts the anxiety you have in your real life. Examinations make most people nervous for reasons like being unprepared, low in confidence, fear of failing, fear of going blank when looking at the paper and perhaps the fear of being judged. The same fears are reflected in the dream. Almost everyone we meet wants… Read More »

Being Chased

Dreaming of being chased by someone or something usually implies that you may be running in fear and or are trying to escape from something or someone in your real life. It may be a situation or a person that you are trying to evade. Your subconscious mind is revealing your issues that you have been ignoring. Dreaming… Read More »