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Being pregnant

Such dreams are mostly prophetic or simple brain chatter depending upon your current situation, what you see and experience in the dream. If the dreams are recurring, then it being prophetic is high probability. Pregnancy symbolizes new beginnings. But, if you are a woman and already pregnant, then the dream is just your brain chatter and your anxieties… Read More »

Teeth falling

Crumbling teeth or teeth falling out is a common dream theme. Since teeth are a major part of your appearance, at the simplest level, the dream may reflect that you are worried about how your appearance will change. It may be due to onset of old age, some accident, or some event, like getting braces. Depending upon the… Read More »


Spiritual dreams mostly imply that you are a religious person and often resort to worship and prayer and believe in the supreme power called God. Such dreams usually mean that you are at a content stage if life where you become an observer and not as someone who interferes with the supreme plan of the universe. Religion and… Read More »