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Being trapped

Being trapped in a dream usually symbolizes that you feel you are not free to be yourself and your desire to free yourself from whatever is holding you back. It may be a relationship, career, old habits, health, money or any such aspect of life. If you are tied with ropes or cables in the dream, they symbolize… Read More »

Cheating partner

Dream of infidelity is considered one of the top five dream themes that people all over the world have experienced. If you had a dream where you or your partner is cheating, then it may mean that you have trust issues or you are insecure in your relationship and are constantly worried that you may be played upon.… Read More »


The interpretation of flying dreams can be dramatically opposite based on the context of situations in your waking life. Similar to some other symbols and metaphors, our subconscious uses flying as a metaphor to either encourage you or to warn you. This is why it is highly recommended that you keep a dream journal and get your dreams… Read More »


Death is the ultimate end to life, and seeing it in your dreams may bring great amount of fear and panic. It can also be a nightmare for some as you would fear the worst. Interestingly, the symbolism for death is very different and does not appear as ‘death’ in our dreams. To understand this dream, a closer… Read More »

Arriving late

Arriving late in your dream usually symbolizes your anxiety or stress related to time management or lack of it in your waking life. It usually is an indication to how you are losing control on certain situations in your awake life or if you are struggling to make an important decision that may alter your life. The discipline… Read More »


Dreaming of falling usually symbolizes fear. The fear can be of a career failure, unsatisfied marriage, failure from society, regret of something or failure related to one of more situation. This is a very common dream theme, and everybody in the world would have experienced this dream at some point in their lives. The dream usually will feel… Read More »

Dark & fearful

Suppose you dream that you are walking down a street and it is dark or become dark all of a sudden. There is no sign of anyone or any sound around you. You will experience fear in your dream that may linger when you wake up. Such dreams may be directional or situational as they usually relate to… Read More »

Being Naked

Dreaming of being naked or nudity means that you feel vulnerable in your real life or that you are not able to express yourself freely. Some interpretations of this theme also highlight the prejudices you carry. Being or appearing naked, in public or unexpected places, is a common theme in dreams. Interestingly, this theme occurs in very similar… Read More »