Unable to speak

By | August 26, 2021

Dreaming of losing voice or unable to speak in the dream may mean that you are not being heard in the awake life or that your opinions do not matter.

You will experience frustration in such dreams. There is a lot that you want to express in the dream, but suddenly your voice is gone. You start mumbling loudly or yelling or trying to make words out of your moans but nothing makes sense and you feel like you are being choked or some force is stopping your voice.

Finding yourself mute in the dream may symbolize that your voice is not heard in awaking life. It can be something important and very relevant matter to you and you want to make a difference in the issue but you are not being heeded upon and there is no one to support your opinion. You need to watch those circumstances in your awake life that are important to you. Try to explain your interest in the matter and put your voice across in a way that the message is sent.

Dreams of tongue tied can also appear due to a phenomenon called ‘Sleep paralysis’. This is a scenario where you are aware of what is happening, the situation can be someone is chasing your, attacking you or someone close to you or something very shocking. You find yourself suddenly helpless and unable to do anything, not even shout or call for help. This phenomenon is common and harmless and can happen to anyone, unless you have a sleeping disorder.

This is a stage of sleep when your body is shifting from REM (Rapid Eye Movement) and NREM (Non Rapid Eye Movement). This could have easily been caused due to sleeplessness or extreme tiredness. This phenomenon is completely separate from the dream symbolism and if you think that sleep paralysis could be the reason for your dream then you need to take professional help.

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