Being Chased

By | August 24, 2021

Dreaming of being chased by someone or something usually implies that you may be running in fear and or are trying to escape from something or someone in your real life. It may be a situation or a person that you are trying to evade. Your subconscious mind is revealing your issues that you have been ignoring.

Dreaming of being chased appears as nightmare. You will experience panic as these dreams seem quite realistic. The fear caused in the dream is reflective to your response on how you handle pressure or fears in your real life. It doesn’t mean that you are in danger, it is your perception of an incident or a person in real life which is projected in your dream.

It is a natural human instinct to run when you see or sense something serious and unsafe, you try to hide and wait until you know you are safe again. So, when you dream running from someone or something, this natural instinct is replayed. The dream signifies that you are running away or avoiding something of serious matter in your real life. Whatever is pursuing or chasing you in your dream is the real issue that needs to be confronted. Observe who is chasing you, and notice the magnitude of fear it has rippled in you. The attacker represents some aspects in your awake life, which maybe your anger, fear, stress, a traumatic past or other emotions or situations or people.

These dreams are usually situational dreams and will cease once the situation is addressed.

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