Teeth falling

By | August 26, 2021
Crumbling teeth or teeth falling out is a common dream theme. Since teeth are a major part of your appearance, at the simplest level, the dream may reflect that you are worried about how your appearance will change. It may be due to onset of old age, some accident, or some event, like getting braces. Depending upon the situation in waking life, the dream may reflect your insecurity about the way you look and project yourself to the world. It may be that you fear you are unattractive or fear that you will be rejected for how you look.
Teeth are a symbol of strength. Dreaming of falling teeth symbolizes that some aspect of your awake life is becoming weak or you may be losing grip on something or a certain situation. It may also mean that you are losing confidence, maybe in a project, a relationship or some other situation. Your feel of being powerless or let down is perhaps played out in your dreams.

Dreaming of falling teeth can also imply that you are hesitant in real life to express yourself freely to others, about the way you think or you want to share a point. Either you are too shy or don’t know how to convey a matter to certain people. The dream may be suggesting that you need to break the barriers you have set and freely convey your thoughts.

Most of the time, this is a situational dream theme and you will need to understand what situations you are experiencing in waking life to identify what needs your attention.

In rare instances, losing teeth in the dream may signify that someone you know is extremely ill or may die. It could be that your subconscious mind has picked up the signs and is preparing you to face their death. The context of the situation will be unfolded in the dream.

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