By | August 25, 2021
Spiritual dreams mostly imply that you are a religious person and often resort to worship and prayer and believe in the supreme power called God. Such dreams usually mean that you are at a content stage if life where you become an observer and not as someone who interferes with the supreme plan of the universe.

Religion and spirituality are connected and are personal. The way you worship or not is influenced by cultural and religious of the social fabric you live in. Keeping that in mind, when dreams of spirituality occur, then it may be considered as a sign of benevolence and contentment. You experience love and joy in every step of your life and have utmost reverence to all the situations in life and understand that there’s a reason for everything that is happening in life.

If you are religious by nature then your dreams would consist of the teachings, guidelines and practices of God or the path you have chosen to follow or your holy book. Your dreams become more specific to seeing God, angels, heaven, earth etc. Depending on your cultural background, family values or the community you belong to, spirituality can also mean that you believe in doing good, live correctly, do no wrong, respect everyone and believe in gratitude and contentment and never have complaints or grudges against situations or people. Even if you are not a believer or are not religious, you may experience dreams that you are in unison with the higher universe and are ready to accept whatever it is planned for you with joy and gratitude.

Whichever way you believe spirituality is, then having dreams of peace, content, light and God may mean that you have surrendered yourself to the higher plan and trust in eternity to take care of you.

Such dreams, if accompanied by visions of something is happening in future tend to be prophetic. Pay close attention to the settings and the events that are unfolding. Keeping a dream journal will help interpret these dreams effectively.

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