Sexual experience

By | August 25, 2021

Dreams of sexual experience are complex to interpret as they may fall in one or more categories simultaneously. Creating a dream catalog with details of the surroundings, sexual partner and emotions experienced will help with accurate interpretation of the dream.

At the simplest level, the dream may reflect your need to satisfy your sexual urges as it could be that you have abstained from it for a long time. It may be your physical need to have sex or your repressed desires that is projected into your dream. Or, it could just be a fantasy dream that happened and has no meaning at all. In such case, this dream would then fall under Chatter category.

If you dream of sex with your partner or spouse then it implies that you are missing your partner and want to be intimate with him or her. Additionally, this symbolizes that you are happy with your partner and are content in the relationship.

If the dream is of sex with someone other than your spouse or partner then it may imply that you are not satisfied in your sexual life and are fantasizing to be satisfied by someone else.

If you dreamt of making love with your ex-partner, then it may mean you are concerned about your trust with anyone, particularly you are fragile in making a decision to start a new relationship. Dreaming of sex before your wedding may hint that you are nervous of sharing your life with your fiancé and that you wish that your sexual pleasures will be fulfilled. If you dream of making love to your friend then it may suggest that you are too close with each other, share the same thoughts and differences, and you consider him/her to be your soulmate.

Dreaming of having sex with a celebrity is very interesting. Depending upon how the dream unfolds, it may mean that you are willing to go to any heights to achieve what you want in life; or, you have high standards that you would like to sustain. At the most trivial level, it may just be a fantasy that you picked from your subconscious mind which was reflected in the dream.

Sexual or intercourse dreams are also considered to be good indication that your creative energies are seeking release. It would be a good time to dust off your creative hobby and put some energies into it.

Sexual dreams are often the the way your body nudges you to the urges it needs to be satisfied. Such dreams do not necessarily mean that you are craving sexual experience. The most common trap people fall is in judging themselves and try to suppress what your subconscious is trying to surface.

Depending upon the context and emotions experienced, such dreams may fall in one or more category.

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