By | August 25, 2021
Dreaming of falling usually symbolizes fear. The fear can be of a career failure, unsatisfied marriage, failure from society, regret of something or failure related to one of more situation.

This is a very common dream theme, and everybody in the world would have experienced this dream at some point in their lives. The dream usually will feel very real and you will experience strong fear during the dream. To understand the meaning of your dream, the background and the context are pivotal, how did you fall, where did you fall, how deep was the fall and how fearful were you when you fell. These are some of the nuances that if, you recorded in your dream journal can give meaningful insight.

Dreams of falling usually mean that something in your real life is keeping you worried constantly. It could be a job or project or a test that you are afraid of. Maybe you have taken the risk of going beyond your potential and now you are afraid that you may not be able to achieve the goal. The dream may also imply that some aspect in your real life is beyond your control and you need to take charge of the situation.

Depending upon the context of the dream, it may suggest that you are getting into words or plots or a trap of someone who is taking advantage of you. It may imply that you are quite vulnerable and your subconscious is trying to warn and protect you. The dream can also suggest that your focus in real life is dwindled. With your focus shifted you may enter into unnecessary situations and that can pull down your reputation and hence the dream may be guiding you to be more careful in your real life.

Such dreams may also symbolize the fear of embarrassment or insecurity or lack of confidence. This can happen when you may be involved in work where you are not sure of how to complete it and you are afraid that your inability may embarrass you or let you down.

The reasons of dreaming can be aplenty, but considering the dream as a positive sign you can work on the aspects in your real life and try to take a new approach in addressing your fears.

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