By | August 26, 2021
Death is the ultimate end to life, and seeing it in your dreams may bring great amount of fear and panic. It can also be a nightmare for some as you would fear the worst. Interestingly, the symbolism for death is very different and does not appear as ‘death’ in our dreams. To understand this dream, a closer look at your awake life will help you to interpret it better as it will provide more context to figure out if the dream is directional or situational.
Contrary to what one may assume, seeing death in your dream usually symbolizes new beginnings in your real life. The change or transition to change is usually for positive. In dreams, dying symbolizes death to your old self or part of it. It may be because you have successfully overcome some old habits or have made good progress in some aspect of life or work.

In certain situations, dreaming of yourself as dead is a directional dream. Your subconscious is alerting you to something in your waking life that needs your immediate attention which if not addressed now, may lead to a missed opportunity or to some harm in the long run. Perhaps a better look at your health condition may be a good start.

Dreaming of someone else as dying depicts that you need to put an end to something in your own waking life. It may be a bad relationship that has become bitter, a job that you don’t enjoy, a habit that’s harming you or it can be emotional like anger, hatred, lust etc. Depending upon the context that appears in the dream, it may also symbolize that your feelings for that person are dead. It can be your ex – partner, a relative, a friend or even a stranger. It is your dreaming mind that is reminding you to get past that person or some connections that are not healthy for you.

This dream usually appears more than once as the real context or situation will unfold across multiple dreams. This is why, for serious dream interpretations, it is always recommended that you create a dream journal with as many details as you can note.

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