Dark & fearful

By | August 25, 2021

Suppose you dream that you are walking down a street and it is dark or become dark all of a sudden. There is no sign of anyone or any sound around you. You will experience fear in your dream that may linger when you wake up. Such dreams may be directional or situational as they usually relate to some real life situations.

Dreaming of darkness would signify that you are ignorant of something important in your waking life. It may be a matter of importance, suppressed anger, certain truth, or something that is frustrating you subconsciously. You may sense that you ought to know the truth involving you but yet there are secrets around you and it is frustrating you.

Depending upon the situation you are currently in, dreaming of darkness can also mean fear of failure. It would be good to reflect on situations you are facing in waking life and pinpoint the cause. Is it your job that is bothering you? Afraid that you may fail at it or a relationship?

Darkness can also symbolize aggression. Your subconscious is directing you that it is time for you to mellow down and anger or frustration is not a solution for everything. If you are terrified of something or someone in your real life, that may take the shape of darkness in your dream. It may be a haunting past or someone in your current life that is intimidating you.

Darkness can also mean that you are shutting down yourself from the world and do not wish to be around anyone. It may be due to depression or feeling of loneliness. If you are venturing out on something new or uncharted territory, darkness in your dream symbolizes that you may be entering into some dangerous situations in your awake life. This would be a good time to be alert of the situations in waking life.

Dreams of darkness can be scary but their hidden meaning may be absolutely related to your real life incidents, people and job. As these dreams are directional or situational, they will go away once the situation is resolved.

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