Cheating partner

By | August 26, 2021

Dream of infidelity is considered one of the top five dream themes that people all over the world have experienced. If you had a dream where you or your partner is cheating, then it may mean that you have trust issues or you are insecure in your relationship and are constantly worried that you may be played upon. The dream doesn’t really suggest that there is any cheating at all involved in waking life. Your subconscious it directing you to get to the bottom of your fear of trust as it may be hindering your progress.

In a serious relationship or a marriage your expectations of spending time together is pivotal. If your partner is unable to be there for you, it may lead to erosion of trust, which is then reflected in the dream. It may also be that due to your past experiences, you are extremely careful in your relationships and do not trust them to last or are afraid to commit.

It may also be your own fears of being abandoned. Abandonment can be the result of deeply trusting someone who lets you down at some stage of your life, and this fear is very strongly instilled inside you. Therefore, when you are in a new relationship or certain situation, the fear starts surfacing through dreams.

This dream can happen to people who are in business or job where you have been underplayed by your competitor and has gained the coveted position. This comes as an act of betrayal and can manifest in your dream as being cheated.

If you are the cheater in the dream, it could be your deep guilt of something that you have been dishonest about in the past or have betrayed someone, whether intentionally or not.

These dreams are a nudge for you to explore your past and present incidents and how you feel about them.

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